Android 13 updated on my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

Just updated a couple of hours ago, no apparent pronblems, the update included the Dec Security update.
Here is a look at what changes it brought

Got 13 on my S21+ 5g but not on my A32 5g.

Score one for the folks at 91mobiles, their update agreees with your results … so it looks like the A32 may not be seeing 13 :frowning:

It’s not unusual for flagship devices to receive Android updates before mid-range devices. I suspect the Ax2 series will see Android 13 soon‚Ñ¢.

Since receiving the Android 13 update on your Samsung phones; are you gentlemen able to use WiFi calling? My Note20 still shows the toggle but, so far, refuses to activate WiFi calling. It just fails and suggests I try again later, which ultimately may work. WiFi calling with an RW 5.0 SIM continues to work on a Pixel 6a, Galaxy A32 5g (acquired from RW by DISH) and Moto G Power (acquired from RW by DISH) but no longer works with a factory unlocked Moto G Pure recently updated to Android 12. Prior to the Android 12 update, WiFi calling with an RW 5.0 SIM worked on the G Pure.

Anyway, these days, I primarily use the RW by DISH SIM in an iPhone. It’s ironic but RW before DISH was (due to the proprietary technology) Android only. RW by DISH works best, for me, on iPhone, so I use other services on Android.

I have tested WiFi Calling both inbound and outbound with no problems, I used the standard method of ensuring tha the calls were over WiFi … went into Airplane Mode, then turned WiFi back on.

I just got notified by my OnePlus 7 Pro that LineageOS 19.1 (Android 12) is EOL, and I should upgrade to 20.0 (Android 13). It’s only been two or three months since I upgraded from 18 for the same reason. Let’s see if I can do it without wiping the phone this time.

May 2,2023 Samsung update to code