Any plan that works on an Apple watch

I’m planning to transition my two phone lines from RW5.0 (where I pay $31/mo) to US Mobile. Meanwhile my kids have grown any I am thinking of getting two Apple watches. I was wondering if any of these MVNO plans work one Apple watches. Or should I get separate providers for the watches? (I have been purely on Android phones, and recognize that I’ll have to get an iPhone to add these Apple watches to a family plan?). Too many changes, but I’ll sure gurus here will have some advice. TIA!

AFIK, none of the plans cover the Apple watch. I shifted my daily driver 6 years ago to Apple on Verizon as I wear my Apple watch for its health and safety features … I have tested the fall detection (unfortunate fall into the garage) as well as the low heart rate alarm (which resulted in my cardiologist making adjustments to my meds). I would never have a phone/watch other than Apple or utilize a phone company that doesn’t provide coverage for both at a reasonable price.

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Hi @Ssmbition and welcome!

Carrier support for cellular on Apple Watch is, generally, limited to the big 3 and regional carriers who own their own networks. The only MVNO I know of supporting cellular on Apple Watch is Xfinity Mobile though both Mobi and US Mobile promise support coming soon™.

Is the intent to use the Apple Watches as standalone devices for your kids (in place of a cell phone)?


Yes, we don’t want to give them phones yet, so we’re thinking of getting Apple Watch SE so we can track their whereabouts and be in touch.

Hi @Ssmbition,

Thank you for the additional context! It sounds like your goal can be accomplished with what Apple calls “Family Setup”:

Note in step 7, the watches do not need to use the same carrier as the iPhone being used for setup. Since you mention moving to US Mobile, it looks like your best bet for the Apple Watches would be Truphone, which is on Apple’s list for carrier support:

Finally, there’s a Reddit thread with more information that may help:

If you decide to pursue this, please come back and let us know how it went!

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Over time I can imagine numerous wearable form factors beyond the wrist for connectivity. My hearing aids are due to be replaced this fall. They already can answer calls and respond to commands via Bluetooth to my phone. I can imagine cell plans and gps for future hearing aids or cochlear implants that help people with sensory impairments make and receive calls and texts, request information, provide directions, and interface with other devices (eg through Google Pay/Apple Wallet).

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