Boost Infinite App Data Usage vs Android 14 Data Usage

Has anyone looked at their Boost Infinite android app at data usage?
Both of our lines are on the T-Mobile side of Boost Infinite.
On one of my lines Boost Infinite shows 42GB of unlimited data used with 10 days left.
The Pixel 4a/5g with Android 14 shows 48mb used with 10 days left.

Boost Infinite shows 412 GB of unlimited data used on my line with 10 days left.
The Pixel 6a with Android 14 shows 428mb used with 10 days left.
Something is wrong on the Boost app, maybe GB should be MB ??

Hi @muerte33,

The Boost Infinite app has a history of glitches since Boost Infinite launched in December of 2022. Among the common complaints from others in Boost Infinite’s subreddit is inaccurate cell data use tracking. Boost Infinite’s representative on Reddit chalks it up to an inconsequential “display error”:

Here’s a Boost Infinite subreddit thread from earlier today:

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My BI app simply returns an error message when I try to see how much data I’ve used.


Mine just says “Something went wrong, please try again later.”

We do not rely on the BI app anyway. We use –

Takes a little configuration, but it’s easy to use and has always been accurate.

Don’t really care if BI app is accurate since plan has “Unlimited Data” (at least to 30G). We set the 'My Data Plan" setting in the Data Usage Manager & Monitor app at 30 GB. Mainly because BI states “Members using >30GB/mo. may experience lower speeds.” You can easily reset for whatever works for you :slightly_smiling_face:

There are plenty of other data usage monitors out there. We’ve used this one for years (based on several recommendations). YMMV :upside_down_face:

My 2 cents worth . . .


Thanks for the reassurance.
The Boost Infinite App numbers must be incorrect, so i’ll depend on the Android usage numbers for now.
According to Android 14, my NON-carrier data usage (Wi-Fi) was only 29.27gb for 9/7/2023-10/5/2023.

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Yep, get the same error here when I try to look at data usage. Been that way for weeks.

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