Compensation Question for Boost Infinite Transition Issue

Hi, I have been struggling in trying to get my wife’s and my phone to work dependably with the Boost Infinite Network. The condensed version about the problem is after spending hour upon hour upon hour with Technical Support trying to fix the problem of our phones having very low signal strength and not being able to always receive or send texts and phone calls, I just was asked for the first time by a Technical Service Agent to give him the IMEI number of each of our phones. We gave him the IMEI numbers after which he told us that our phones were not compatible with the Boost Infinite Network!!! This was after more than a month and a half of troubleshooting…no one else even mentioned IMEI numbers. One would think that compatibility of phones to the Boost Infinite Network would have been checked out before the transition took place or at least before spending approximately a month and a half troubleshooting the problem.

I was told we needed new phones so that we could use the Boost Infinite Network.

Our phones ARE compatible on other Networks, so will have to change from Boost Infinite to another provider.

We have been without dependable phone coverage for approximately a month and a half, so what type of $ compensation should we ask for from Boost Infinite?

Thank you for any guidance that you can give me.

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Boost Infinite offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Beyond that…:man_shrugging:

I doubt you would receive any compensation but who knows with DISH.

What type of phones do you have? Are you part of the Republic Wireless to BI migration? If you are and your phones worked on RW they should continue to work on BI’s network. It sounds to me like BI doesn’t want to expend the effort to resolve your problem.

With your problems with BI you might want to consider a new provider that matches your needs and move on. If you try to take advantage of their 30 day guarantee with how poorly DISH has managed the migration you might risk losing your number before being able to port out. There are some provider reviews here if you are interested is seeing opinions from other former RW customers.

Edit: I would also make sure your phones are unlocked before attempting any move to a new provider.



Thank you very much for the helpful answer.

We have two Google Pixel 4a phones (they are not the 5G model). I am having a hard time trying to determine if they are locked or unlocked. Any additional clarification would be appreciated.

My wife’s and my phone are part of the Republic to Boost Infinite migration.


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On my Samsung Android it is under Settings->Connections->More connection settings. Under that is the heading Network lock status. If it says “Unlocked” it is unlocked.

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Does Boost Infinite service require 5g phones ?

I know my wife’s Pixel 4a/5g and my 6a pixel work on the T-mobile side of B.I.
I wonder what would happen if I changed the setting “Preferred Network Type” from 5g to LTE?

For my friend who has BI, it does not. He has a Samsung S10+ phone. No 5G.

It seems there are a number of ways for Android phones that one navigates to determine if the phone is locked or not. In my case it was clicking on System/Network & Internet/SIMs/+, which then reveals the statement : "Connect to mobile network. To use a new SIM card, you’ll need to remove the one that’s currently in the device "

Does this mean that I am unlocked in that I just need to remove the current SIM card and then replace it with a SIM card for the new Mobile Cell Phone carrier that I want to switch to from Boost Infinite(ly) Frustrating?

Please confirm that I have come to the proper conclusion. Thank you.

You won’t know until you install the new SIM card. At that time, if your phone is carrier locked, it will let you know.

I don’t believe the Pixel 4a was ever sold by Republic Wireless by Dish. If you bought it from Republic, you bought it before Dish relaunched the online store. Phones sold before Dish relaunched the store were not carrier locked.


Thank you very for your help. We purchased one Pixel 4a from Republic before Dish took over and the other one we purchased from Google.

Thanks again for your help.

You can rest easy, those phones are not carrier locked.