Enabling Boost Infinite Mobile Hotspot

I wonder if you can turn the Mobile Hotspot on/off through the Boost Infinite Android app as needed. Like one month pay the $10, then turn it off the next month, or are you locked in for good once enabled.

Update, I saw this on the Boost Infinite Site:

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Hi @muerte33,

Based on what I’ve read; one is supposed to be able to turn on/off any of the Boost Infinite add-ons on a month-to month basis either via the app or by contacting Boost Infinite Care.


I had heard some transitioned R.W. to B.I. customers had one of their lines with hotspot enabled for the 6 month trial.
I tried it on my phone (pixel 6a), but it did not work, the tethered phone says “Sign in to Network” (after I put in the SSID password). I tried it on the other (4a/5g pixel), but it fails with no internet access on the tethered phone.

I disconnected the 4a/5g pixel from all wifi SSIDs (left wifi on).
The phone went to Boost Mobile Connected /LTE at that point
I started the Mobile Hotspot and noted the SSID name and password
I connected to this hotspot from my 6a and the 4a/5g showed 1 device connected
A white screen opened on the 6a saying:
Sign in to “HotspotName” and the 3 dots (option button) on the right said “do not use this network” or “Use this network as is”.
If I click on “use this network as is” it says “Connected” on my 6a and “1 Device Connected” on the 4a/5g.
but there is no internet on the 6a.
My guess is, there is no Hotspot tethering on the trial!
or I am not doing something right.

I got the impression that the free hotspot was offered just to the laggards (aside from the early access subscribers) at the last minute, to get them to transition, but I could be wrong.