Find a great deal on technology? Alert us!

I find the current Prime Big Deal Days to be a bit overwhelming - tons to wade through, and I haven’t yet found any tech deals I couldn’t pass up. Add to that all the other retailers trying to compete with sales on the same dates and it’s just too much! So I was going to ask what deals you found during the Prime Big Deal Days sale, but decided an ongoing topic where we can post great tech deals might be more useful.

The old Republic Wireless Community had a “supported phones” deal alert topic. This can be similar, but we don’t have to restrict the focus to phones supported by any one carrier. Any deals on technology that might interest us is welcome.


I’ll go first.

If you own a domain name (or several), you know renewal offers for website domain names have become scarce. Namecheap is celebrating their 29th anniversary with 15% off renewals through the end of the day today (Oct 11, 2023.)

Not already a Namecheap customer? Don’t worry, there’s a transfer offer, too. :smile:

I hear you on wading through Prime Days offers. I ended up getting a couple of items already on my wanted/needed list and left it at that. The mouse I use for my laptop has bit the dust so I finally replaced it. I also picked up a new Note 8S for my wife to replace her current worn out notepad. The sales price appeared to be pretty good and it is one more thing I can cross off my Christmas list.

If anyone is looking for a high-end, well-rated TV streaming device, Amazon has the Nvidia Shield on sale for $125, that’s a $25 savings.

I bought a cheap, Google TV with Chromecast for my kitchen TV and I don’t care for the remote. For one thing, it’s too easy to lose. The Nvidia Shield remote looks like it would work better and it has a lost remote finder. The Shield got a good review from Consumer Reports, but I don’t use the kitchen TV much so I am not going to upgrade.

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Good to see you online. You were part of that unique RW experience that I valued: real intelligent, caring people who led the way through the digital obstacles of modern life. I stuck with RW from 2012 because of your type of assistance. Sad that that chapter is no more.


PSA: For those of us who are fortunate enough to have Military Retirement status, (Active/Reserve or combination), don’t forget your Military Exchange
We recently became aware that the Exchange now works with Home Depot. We bought a new Freezer through the Exchange, which was delivered from Home Depot’s local warehouse a couple of days later. Saves paying State & Local Taxes as well as a lower base price. All online, with no hassle … nice change


I didn’t see this but I did end up buying a domain with namecheap during the sale and setting up a domain for the first time was a interesting experience.

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