Might be time for new Phones

Been watching the Pre-Prime Day prices on Android phones and some prices have already dropped. There are also some reasonable 4th of July sales. Looking at Pixel 6a, Pixel 7a and Samsung A54 5G phones. Like the memory expansion on the Samsung but the Pixels get a lot of good press.

We’re still with RW by DISH using a couple of Samsung A32 5G phones on their 5.0 plan. We were originally Motorola users but have adjusted to Samsung (somewhat). Would like to hear from others about their experience using any of these three phones on RW by DISH.

Assume activating a replacement is not much more than moving the SIM. Might need to download and run the DISH carrier app. Would love to get visual voice mail back. Think someone has already mentioned that the VVM app works on the Pixels on the RW by DISH network.

Comments? Things to look out for? Thanks!

How much of your current phones’ onboard storage are you using? Both the Pixel 6a and Pixel 7a ship with 128 GB of RAM, which I find to be more than ample.

I consider Google’s Pixels to be the spiritual successors to Motorola’s old Moto X series. My first RW phone was the Moto X2. It was a great phone for its time but it’s been a long time since Motorola has produced a worthy successor.

Yes, service may be moved by moving the active SIMs. I suggest not installing DISH’s CarrierApp unless there is an APN issue. My experience with both Pixels and Samsung phones is the phone will recognize the SIM and set the appropriate APNs.

You will not get visual voicemail in the Phone app back with RW by DISH. You might get visual voicemail in a separate Samsung Voicemail app. Google Pixels lack any such separate voicemail app. Ironically, legacy My Choice gets visual voicemail in Google’s Phone app but not RW 5.0.

Just an FYI. Dish’s Boost Infinite has a separate visual voice mail app. I use it a lot. I didn’t have vvm with RW. It is so much nicer than having to “dial into” vm.

The Boost Visual Voicemail app is just a rebadged version of the DISH Visual Voicemail app. In my experience, if one could get the old DISH Visual Voicemail app to install on their phone, it worked with RW 5.0. I haven’t attempted to use the Boost Visual Voicemail app with RW 5.0 but it very well might work.

Frankly, if I were going to consider moving away from RW 5.0 to get visual voicemail, I would dump DISH altogether.

If Mobile X had been out of beta when I made my decision to switch away from RW, I probably would have given them a try (thanks for bringing them to our attention). Boost Infinite is working well for me, so not looking to switch now.