MobileX: A Different Approach to Advertising

Any NASCAR fans here? MobileX is:


Republic did this briefly, too. :slightly_smiling_face:


More photos: Republic Wireless Car at Virginia International Raceway - may 2015 | Flickr


Fascinating, I never knew that.

MobileX seems to have borrowed a number of things from the old Republic (green as a color scheme, marketed to modest data users, refund plans and now motor sports advertising).

In fairness to Peter Adderton (MobileX’s founder), he’s a long-time motor sports enthusiast in Australia. Fun fact, Boost Mobile was founded by Mr. Adderton in Australia and he still controls the Boost brand there. Mr Adderton brought the Boost brand to the U.S. with partners ultimately selling the U.S. rights to the brand to what became Sprint. Much to Mr. Adderton’s chagrin, DISH acquired U.S. rights to the Boost brand as part of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger.


The driver is from Australia and is entered in a single event at Indianapolis. Not a bad advertising strategy given that another Australian driver won an event in Chicago in a one-off entry. This should give them some increased media attention.

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