Permission Slip App

I just found out about a new app from Consumer Reports for data privacy – Permission Slip. It will submit data privacy requests to companies who you have interacted with, even with different email addresses.

I just started using it, so I can’t say how well it works.
Also, CR has apparently been overwhelmed by the response, so there may be some delays.

Here’s a website, or you can find it on the Google Play or Apple store.
Permission Slip by CR (


Hi @NancyM,

An intriguing app. I hope to find some time to check it out. I also hope you’ll keep us apprised about your experiences with it.

In the app, they have a “deck of cards” for the businesses that the app will contact. I imagine the selection will increase in the future.

I selected companies where I had an account, then put the request through.

Today I received an email from Home Depot that they are processing my privacy request.