Republic Wireless Support

Anyone having trouble getting through to Republic Wireless support? I tried the other day for another matter and it only took 7 minutes. Today I kept getting “at least 45 minutes wait” from the answering service and waited on hold 1 hour 15 minutes to see if that’d get through to them. No luck. Just want to get my porting information to switch to a new carrier. Getting real tired of all of this boost nonsense.


Hi @JamesWilliams,

I expect the recent reports of customers suddenly losing all service connectivity is increasing the call volume, for both cries for help and fed-up port-out requests.

If the support center answering automation gives you a call back option, you might consider that. I tried it a week or so ago and was pleasantly surprised to get my call back at almost exactly the forecasted time.

Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks! I’ll keep trying tomorrow.