RW phone -- loses cell signal -- service or phone?

I had the old RW My Choice for years, until last Nov when my phone failed.
I purchased a Moto gPower (2022) from RW and got the Everything you need plan (1G).
After some initial issues, the service seemed ok, except for one thing.

The phone would stop receiving texts and calls. It looked like it had a cell signal, but nothing would go through, in or out. I’d re-start the phone, and then it would be OK.
This happened again just a few days ago and restarting didn’t help – no signal, no calls in/out, no texts.
So I typed in the APN info from RW (had to do this several times when I first got the service).
Once I did that, things were fine.

So, is this an ATT service issue? A RW APN issue? or maybe a phone issue?

I have a Moto gPower (2021) on Tello – no problems that I ever saw (not used as much, but I haven’t had to do these procedures on it!).


Republic uses the same wholesale APNs as other AT&T network based providers, so as long as they are properly entered, it’s not likely an APN issue.

If you want to try to eliminate the phone as an issue, one way to do so would be swapping the Tello SIM from your 2021 Moto G Power into the 2022 Moto G Power and vice versa. Swapping SIMs won’t affect either Republic or Tello service. If the SIMs behave the same way in the opposite phones, then you may have a phone issue with the 2022 Moto G Power.

Swapping SIMs will only work if you’ve removed the carrier lock from your 2022 Moto G Power. You could still temporarily move the Republic SIM to your factory unlocked 2021 Moto G Power to see if you get the same results there you get when the Republic SIM is in the 2022 Moto G Power. You may need to manually configure APNs on the 2021 Moto G Power both when moving the Republic SIM and when restoring the Tello SIM if you choose to do this.

All of that said, if it were me and given Republic service is soon no longer to exist, I don’t think I would bother. If the concern is Boost Infinite service would behave on the 2022 Moto G Power the same as Republic 5.0 service does, it probably will. The Boost Infinite plan and pricing is different but the service under the hood is the same. For members with 5.0 plans, all that’s changing with the service itself is the label (Boost Infinite rather than RW by DISH.

Thanks Rolandh.

I’m going to change carriers because Boost infinite is more than I need, and I’m not sure that the service will be any better.

Yeah, I’ll see if it’s a phone issue when I change over.
If it seems like it, I’ll do what you suggested – switch the SIMs to test it out.