Selling Your Old Phone

In the course of all of these “forced” upgrades by Republic Wireless over the last couple of years, I have ended up with a couple of excellent condition Motorola phones. Is there anywhere decent on the Internet to move an old phone and get a fair price? Anyone have a good experience doing so?


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Swappa and Decluttr are sites that come to mind, although I have never used either. I’ve always just given them away or donated them.

If these Motorolas are vintage Republic Wireless, they will not work on any carrier including Dish … this is due to the propriety code installed (Moto X 1 & 2, Moto G 1 & 3 or Moto E 1 &2)

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Thanks, Ben, but these are a 2020 MotoE (which was purchased from RW in 2020 so should already be unlocked) and a 2022 Moto G Power which I just got RW to unlock a few days ago.

Based on the pricing on Swappa, it looks like the MotoE will probably not be worth enough to even sell, but the Power should be able to get at least $100 for in the great condition that it’s in.

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I had a fabulous personal experience with Swappa several years ago. I sold a brand new phone, and the guy who bought it, tried out it and determined it wasn’t supported by the network he wanted to use it on.

He contacted me wanting a refund because it wasn’t supported, and as I stared in disbelief at his message, trying to calculate the lost value of the phone now that it was no longer brand new, the Swappa team immediately replied to him telling him I had not advertised that the phone was supported on the network he was trying to activate it on, (it was a Virgin Mobile phone, and I had listed it as such) and that he was not eligible for a refund.

It was like having guardian angels on the internet!

As a former Republic Wireless employee, I worked with some of their team when we set up a RW “store” on the Swappa website, featuring phones that were known to be compatible with RW, and my respect for their team and how they do business did not falter. They seem to be good people offering a good service. :+1:


I have sold a couple phones on Swappa. Worked well. Buying, we had at least one bad experience (maybe two, don’t recall). I would still use it though. Selling is great as the fees are low, and I enjoy the comments section as well (that may be gone now). That being said, I haven’t sold in a couple of years.

I used to sell electronics on eBay. I’ve sold thousands of dollars worth of equipment through eBay. eBay fleeces you. Swappa is way better in terms of fees.


If you are looking to buy a new Samsung phone online, Samsung offers trade-in credit on old Samsung phones, and they say, sometimes other brands, I keep my phones in pretty much pristine condition with a case and screen protector, so I had no problem getting the credit I was promised when I traded-in my last phone.