SMS works but MMS not working after migrating from Republic My Choice (4.0) plan to Boost Infinite?

Hi all. Wish I was posting on the WR forums…

I have an old RW plan. Not sure of the name or version of the plan. I’ve been a RW customer for 8-9+ years. Started with 3G only, and then upgraded to 4G a couple years ago.

I thought the transition to Boost went smooth I thought. After starting the process, I waited for cell service to go out on my phone which took about 10 minutes. I switched the SIM, then manually configured the APN settings for ‘boost’ as per the instructions on the website. Calling seems to work on cell and wifi. SMS works on cell/wifi. But, sending a picture message just hangs at ‘sending…’ in the default Android messaging app.

This is a Moto G Power.

Tried rebooting a couple times. Tried adding the Boost Infinite app. Then I let things sit over night with no change in the AM.

Then I tried installing the ‘Carrier app’. I didn’t notice any change – except I couldn’t get into the APN settings anymore and I rebooted. After reboot I could get back into the APN settings and had the same manually configured one for ‘boost’. Pic messages still failed.

5 minutes later, going back into the APN settings, now I see two more. One called ‘hotspot’ pointing to and the other called ‘internet’ pointing to I switched from the manually configured ‘boost’ I created using their procedures and started using the ‘internet’ APN. Then MMS/SMS all started working both on wifi and cellular. The thing I found odd is the settings for the ‘internet’ APN are totally different than the ‘boost’ one. The ‘boost’ appeared to be using att hostnames for things. The ‘internet’ one for MMSC uses

I hope this helps someone. If I still have problems I’ll update here.

If anyone has any details on why the ‘boost’ one they wanted me to configure wasn’t working, let me know. Or is my reading comprehension just off and installing the ‘carrier app’ part of the required steps.


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Hi @tehinternet and welcome!

What you have stumbled upon is depending on the SIM, Boost Infinite uses either AT&T’s network or T-Mobile’s network.

Republic members with My Choice plans (those who needed to activate a new SIM to move to Boost Infinite) were provided T-Mobile network SIMs.

Republic members with 5.0 plans (who do not need new SIMs to move to Boost Infinite) have AT&T network SIMs.

The information on Boost Infinite’s website for manual APN entry applies only to AT&T network SIMs. Boost Infinite’s expectation is one will use CarrierApp, which is supposed to set the correct APNs for one’s SIM.

tl;dr: If you are a Republic member migrating to Boost Infinite from a My Choice plan (you received a new SIM), do not manually enter APNs. Either let the phone set the APNs (which it often will) or use CarrierApp.


Thanks, that makes sense. The network connection where the APNs are housed was called "T-Mobile’. So I guess the wrong APN was setup originally. Glad that is cleared up.

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Hi @tehinternet,

I have to ask because you reference instructions for manual APN entry. Did DISH actually send instructions to manually enter AT&T network APNs with a T-Mobile network SIM?

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I can no longer access it by going through as once I’ve transitioned, it doesn’t appear to be letting me in there.

If I recall, step 1 was setting up billing and waiting for cell service on the RW SIM to go out. Step 2 gave the option of installing the Boost infinite carrier app (but it was unclear exactly which app and is why I ended up with the Boost Infinite app and not Carrier App) OR it listed steps for manually configuring the APN.

There were APN configuration steps for Android and iPhone. No where in there though was anything talking about ATT vs Sprint.

So to answer your question, yes, I believe I received a T-Mobile SIM with instructions to configure it for ATT.

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