Strong cell signal but no data connection

Is there any particular reason why I would have a strong data connection but no interest access? Mobile data is turned on.


I had that problem when I bought a new phone from RW (Nov 2022) and changed to their 5.0 plan. I would have bars of data signal, but could not send/receive messages or phone calls.
RW customer service said to install the carrier app (nope), and several times I had to re-input the APN info. I also had to re-start the phone when this happened. It was unpredictable and frustrating.

In August I changed over to US Mobile, and the same problem occurred. Their customer service gave me the advice below, and my phone has worked fine ever since. So maybe this might help?
(I had this on another thread, but here’s the advice they gave me, so you don’t have to re-read everything…)

It seems like your phone is having difficulty connecting to the network despite showing a signal. One solution you can try is resetting your network settings. This will erase all saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords, Bluetooth connections, and cellular settings on your phone. Here’s how to do it:

Go to Settings > System > Reset options.

Touch “Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth” > “Reset settings.”

Touch “Reset settings.”

Please power off your phone for 60 seconds and then power it back on before testing the services for at least 24 hours. We also suggest testing the services in different locations to determine if the issue is with your current location or with the network.

If the problem persists, we can send you a new SIM card to help resolve the issue. Please provide us with your shipping address.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you require further assistance. We’re available 24/7 to help.


In addition to following the excellent plan that @NancyM outlined, could you add which Phone you have and what carrier it is on?

I have a Moto g7 power.

I am a former Republic Wireless 5.0 customer who was migrated over to Boost Infinite a few days ago.

So that should put you on AT&T, and you might want to call Boost Infinite support, however I would suggest you follow @NancyM’s plan, and if that fails call BI

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FWIW my son is also a former Republic Wireless 5.0 customer who was migrated over to BI. He is not having this issue.

I’ve also noticed that when I’m home and on the home wi-fi, I have bars without the plus sign, but if I turn wi-fi off the plus sign returns.

To me that makes sense, with Wi-Fi turned on the internet connection is no longer via the carrier hence no ‘X’ over the stignal strength

My Moto G Stylus (2020) sometimes suffers from the same issue.

The fix I’ve come up with is to go to the Mobile Data page in Settings|Mobile Network, and change the Access Point Name. The one that works for me is “ereseller”. Even if it’s already set to that, sometimes I have to change it to one of the other values, and either it will automatically reset to “ereseller”, or I’ll need to set it back manually. Sometimes I have to do this dance more than once. Eventually, I’ll have my mobile data and Internet connection.

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Thanks, all, for the responses. Resetting network settings seems to have helped a bit. Fingers crossed.


Good Morning @Tom,

The screenshot you provided in your original post indicates the phone was not receiving data. That’s what the X in the corner of the cell strength triangle means. The full triangle does indeed indicate strong cell signal.

I’m curious about the “a bit” qualifier. Is the cell data connection somehow not behaving as you would expect after the network settings reset?

My phone is a Moto g Power (2022), from RW. I got it in Nov 2022 and had issues with it until I did what US Mobile suggested.

I think it might be a phone issue, because the problem followed me to US Mobile.

Good luck!

A different connection issue. I was in Strongsville Ohio on Saturday for Cinema Wasteland, and found that my data connection stopped working while in the hotel parking lot. I still had a connection, but no data would go. I switched back to Mint to log my Geocaches and Munzees. Usually when I have a data problem, I get exclamation points on the relevant signal meter.

Hi @rolandh ,

I was still getting the plus sign intermittently yesterday, this the “a bit” remark. Today I haven’t seen it.

Another thought … yesterday while out and about we left a UNC site with good WiFi and went to the DMV. I decided to check the news and found I had no cellular connection. This was on my iPhone/Verizon. A quick turn on/off Airplane mode corrected the problem and now at 3 bars. Maybe the phone’s attempt to remain connected, had a bit of a problem dropping the weak/non-existent WiFi?

Hey @jBen ,

Maybe this was just a fluke for me, but I went to Play Store and manually updated the Carrier App, and ever since then I’ve had no problems with getting data.


Thinking that they may have improved the app (it builds the APN’s for whatever carrier you are on) I removed it from my phone and attempted to install it back … Now they say We’ll be back soon, currently under maintenance … there is a slim chance of improvement, and a good chance of ‘change’ (good or bad)
eta, a day later: It appears that the ability to sign-in using the Boost Infinite app has been restored, it still looks the same and the failure to show data used is still present

I may have confused the two apps … CarrierApp which builds the APN’s was recently (Oct 2, 2023) updated, however, it appears to provide the same APN, there are instructions for its use on the PlayStore view, not sure if new, but included here as its the 1st time I have seen it documented