T-Mobile Plans to Migrate Customers to More Expensive Plans

Cord Cutter News reports that T-Mobile might be planning to migrate customers to more expensive plans unless they opt-out. So much for T-Mobil’s “Price Lock” guarantee. The article is HERE.


While I don’t know what the results of this will be, I know what the results should be.

I once had an account at an area bank that I used for buffering money for house payments before I paid off my mortgage. One day I received a letter that said that I was going to be migrated to a new account type unless I opted out. I opted out alright. I opted out of the bank entirely.

When they asked me why, I said “This proves that you are not trustworthy.” While I was there, three other tellers were occupied with customers cancelling for the variations on the same reason.

I’ll stick with Mint Mobile, provided that the purchase by T-Mobile doesn’t induce rot.

I’m telling everyone I know to investigate MVNOs. I then have to explain the term MVNO, but I don’t expect non-telecom geeks to know about this stuff. I tell people about why I use Mint, but point out that use cases differ and they may want to see what MVNO fits their use case. The sad part is that most of them don’t bother and continue to hemorrhage money. :frowning_face:


I tell my older friends and family about streaming vs. cable TV, but cannot seem to get them to cancel cable TV. They are too set in their ways.

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