"Test for Ricardo" connected to Motorola Device Help app

Hi. I just got a notification from my Device Help app on my Motorola phone. The notification was: “Test for Ricardo”. I decided to not open the Device Help app, but instead checked online. There is a Reddit forum for Motorola phone users, and many people just got the same message and no one seems to know what is going on. Anyone here get the same notification?

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From a Reddit thread:

moto agent


We got it as well within the last 30 minutes. Best Reddit response:



@herbie - hahaha!

People are continuing to report this happening on their Motorola phones (on Reddit). And still no real explanation from Motorola. Has anyone called Boost Infinite support to ask them about it? I tried and the message said there would be a long wait…

Ricardo has nothing to do with Boost Infinite (or any specific service provider). I received the notification on a Moto G Pure with another provider’s SIM. This is purely a Motorola issue.

Yes, I received the message and ignored it

Motorola just posted on Twitter or X or whatever it’s called that the Ricardo message is apparently nothing to worry about.


Thanks, @Tom , for the update!