Thoughts on Billing Date for Infinite?

So, none of the three phones on my 5.0 plan have transferred to Boost Infinite yet, and I just got billed for my monthly Republic Wireless plan. Has anyone confirmed that the billing date for Boost Infinite will be consistent with our Republic billing date? Fingers and toes crossed that I don’t have to go dealing with customer service to try and get credit, etc. if they do not. Thanks in advance for sharing your experience/knowledge.

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Hi @elbajo and welcome!

Your Boost Infinite billing date will not be the same. The new billing date will be 15 days after migration completes for one’s account.

From the Republic to Boost Infinite transition FAQ available here:

How will Infinite billing work?

You will be moving from month-in-advance billing to postpaid billing. The day that you activate, your autopay will start 15 days later, and then every 30 days your autopay will take place on that date. Based on the date that you activate, we provide a prorated credit to make sure your new transitioned billing is accurate. Any account credit that was on your Republic Wireless account will be moved to your new Boost Infinite account.

If what has been promised is delivered, it will all be “seamless” :crossed_fingers:


So, in my BI app, I now have a billing date, which will be on Sat. Sept 2nd…(RW billing was on the 28th).
The bill shows $25.12 for each of my two lines, but has a $36.45 ‘credit’…so a total of $13.79…which is almost ‘half’ of what my RW bill was, (with my discount).

I am guessing it will go back up to ~$25 in Oct., time will tell.

Update: So, I had the option to ‘pay now’, which I did. Now, the app shows the Service Date as Aug. 18 - Sept. 18 … I am assuming I am being charged a prorated ‘two-week’ charge.
I’m guessing my billing-date is now the 18th?.. again, time will tell.

Update 2: After making the payment, I now see my ‘usage’, in the app. It says ‘21-days left’, so that confirms my new billing date is now the 18th of the month.

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Another FAQ page link is: It doesn’t have specific information for Republic Wireless customers, but the Republic FAQ page now transfers you to a login page, which didn’t work for me.


I couldn’t get into my RW login page either…but the Account link, brought me to the actual ‘login’ screen.