What to Do with a Like New Moto E (2nd Generation) Phone?

I’m looking for a new purpose for my no longer compatible with any cellular network in the world Moto E2 that last resided on RW’s $5/month WiFi-only plan (a screamingly great deal). I moved the number to Google Voice.

From time to time, various service providers have been known to offer promotions requiring trade-in of an old phone. Generally, those trade-ins don’t require the phone being traded-in to be compatible with a particular network. I once used an old Samsung Galaxy J3 as an trade-in for a current model Moto G Pure (perhaps, a story for another post). My out of pocket expense on that was $5.

Still, for this phone, I’d like to find a more meaningful purpose. So; I’ll open the floor to your ideas and, thank you, in advance for those.

A couple of ideas

  1. A hard-coded Republic device should be capable of providing Emergency 911 service to someone residing in a local battered persons shelter?
  2. A simple security camera using an app like https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ivuu&hl=en_US&gl=US

I was using one of my old phones with a grandfathered free plan on another service. That phone is sadly now incompatible with that network, but I still use it as my 2nd alarm clock (I have issues getting up :joy:), and it’s my MP3 player when i vacuum, because I don’t want to risk my main phone getting hurt. Plus it must weigh half as much as my Samsung Galaxy A32 5G.

Alas, I don’t think that’s the case. Though some of the old Republic specific phones are 4G LTE capable, I don’t believe any of them are VoLTE capable. At this point, no VoLTE, no 911. I’m not testing by dialing 911 to find out. I like the 2nd idea though.

I have an old phone mounted on a telescope that overlooks the lake I live on. It is very convenient to look at the screen instead of looking into the telescope eyepiece, With a cheap Bluetooth-connected push button I take a picture without shaking the telescope.

This is neat, @BillG! ?How did you mount the phone to the telescope?

@rolandh, Mr. Southpaw uses an old E2 as a Roku remote, because the world’s most beautiful dog ate the original :open_mouth:

It’s possible to use an old phone as an Octoprint server to run a 3D printer. I had played with this at one point but the phone started having issues charging and I switched to a Raspberry Pi I had around. https://www.makeuseof.com/how-to-use-octoprint-android-3d-printers/

Amazon link to telescope mount