Why is Republic Wireless still keeping my card on file?

As a part of recent credit card update, I stumbled upon the fact that Republic Wireless still has my card on file. Does anyone know why Republic Wireless is holding on to former members’ credit card info. Aren’t they supposed to delete it upon termination of service?

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I don’t believe they are required to delete your info. In my experience online retailers seem to hold onto customer information indefinitely. The means of storage (encryption) and what they can store is somewhat regulated. Once your credit card reaches the expiration date it would no longer be useful to them.

Historically, Republic (and this is before DISH) did not delete payment information even after service cancellation.

If I remember correctly, the rationale for retaining payment information is for the purpose of billing adjustments if necessary.

For what it’s worth, it seems to be fairly common practice in the industry. Ting Mobile (from before their acquisition by DISH) also retains billing information after service cancellation.

If the information hasn’t already expired, it is (or was) possible to provide an invalid card expiration date and CVV code (which would block any attempted transactions).

Thank you for your responses. I was hoping that would be the case…that the card would become invalid on expiry… but as a service to card holders …my card company decided to auto notify all merchants who have card on file with the renewal info…which is convenient on the face of it…but RW/Dish will have my info in perpetuity. Could take it up with the card … I guess… not sure what’s the best way to go about it. Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome.

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You can try replacing the number with one you generate here: Dummy / Fake Credit Card Generator 💳

That will keep the cc field filled, but not with your actual credit card number.