Helium Mobile

This is my Helium Mobile wallet:

Rewards are paid in “MOBILE” tokens (an in-house crypto currency). The dollar value fluctuates. So far, I’ve prepaid my bill for service through June 2024. Three months is the most one may prepay. By the time July rolls around, I expect to easily have enough to prepay for another three months.

Helium Mobile pays out rewards for mapping “hexes”. Helium’s explanation is here:

Mapping “hexes” is capped at 40/day. It takes about a mile of walking, running, biking, driving, etc. to map 40 hexes. I turn discovery mapping on in Helium’s app while out for my run, then turn it off for the rest of the day to preserve battery on the phone.

Helium Mobile is now allowing for group accounts. Up to eight lines may be housed in a single account but the price remains $20 per line per month for unlimited talk & text plus 30 GB of high speed data regardless of the number of lines housed in the account. While a discount for multiple lines would be great, I don’t think anyone currently beats Helium’s $20 price point.

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Meet Gigi:

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 3.18.11 PM

Gigi has yet to pay me a visit, however, I can’t complain. Thanks to “Discovery Mapping”, Helium service is at no out of pocket expense. My $5/month “unlimited” plan is easily covered using earned MOBILE tokens. I don’t foresee getting rich off of Crypto but free service is OK.

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