A few questions about the transition to Boost infinite

I was confused about the wording after i clicked the link in the email i recieved about the transition to boost infinite. I had republic wireless for a number of years and within the last year i ported my wifes number to republic wireless. After the port went through my republic wireless account shows my wifes number first and my number second even though my number is the primary account number. My question is on the email from boost infinite it says please log in with the primary account number i wasnt sure which number to use because now my wifes number is displayed first in republic wireless and not my own. Would that make her number the primary account number or mine?

Hi @nt26 and welcome!

Historically, Republic Wireless never considered a particular number housed within an account to be primary. I can’t speak for Republic Wireless by DISH.

Logic suggests the first number activated would be “primary” regardless of the order they are presented when viewing your account online.

I suggest trying your number first. If that’s rejected try your wife’s number.

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Agree with @rolandh and if all else fails –

You could call (833) 558-5820 for a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire process; start to finish. Support is available daily from 6 am - 10 pm MST.

This assumes support could help like it says at the bottom of the message :slight_smile:

My wife’s number also appears first in my republic wireless account although mine is the primary number. I used my number when going to the Boost Infinite site to input information for transition and it all worked and they had my email and mailing address already.

My wife’s number in newer and comes after mine on the RW website. Her number is higher than mine. Could it be they are sorting low to high to display the devices?