Android 14 Pixel Security Updates for November

Real Verizon customers got November Security Pixel updates on day 1 (Monday).
Is it normal for Boost Infinite (T-Mobile) to be late to the table on Pixel updates?

Generally, unless one purchased a Pixel from their carrier, one’s carrier is not involved. Android updates for Pixels (security patches or otherwise) come from Google directly. Pixel updates are released on the 5th of the month but typically Google stages the rollout.

If one prefers not to wait for Google to push the update to their phone, there’s the option of sideloading it:

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I sideloaded updates to my 4a/5g for months because it was so much faster. The last time I did it (about a year ago), I bricked it (black screen, tried all the hacks). I said I would wait for OTA updates on my Pixel 6a from now on. I bought my 6a from the Google store, so it should be completely unlocked.

The 4a/5g Pixel on our Boost Infinite Account (T-Mobile) is finally getting the November 2023 Security updates. My Pixel 6a still says October 5, 2023 is Up-to-Date.

My 6a hasn’t been updated either.

Downloading right now

Pixel 6a Android 14 November 2023 security updates coming down now (25.66MB).