Anyone able to get 5G on Boost Infinite after Republic move?

Hello. I’m wondering if someone is amiss here. 5G shows all over my area yet I never get 5G signal. When I got this phone a few years ago (Pixel 5a) I did a trial with Google Fi and it connected to 5G (Tmobile network I believe). Boost Infinate boasts 5G on 2 networks. Yet now I never get it.

I went to my phone settings and found that only LTE and 4G listed with LTE showing (recommended) see screenshot. I chatted Boost and they simply said “I don’t show available towers in your area”. Every map I found says there is. Is there a SIM issue with the old carry over sim card I have in? Any help would be appreciated.

Hmm, that’s weird. As far as I know, a 5G phone should show the option to prefer 5G coverage even in areas none exists. In those areas, it would just fall back to 4G LTE.

Did you have 5G on the “Republic” SIM prior to migration to Boost Infinite?

Are you running dual SIMs by any chance? If so, 5G would be available only on the SIM active for data. But, I see from your screenshot, it appears your “Republic” SIM is active for data.

Try this:

  1. Dial *#*#4636#*#*
  2. Tap Phone information
  3. About two thirds down the screen you should see a drop-down menu for “Set Preferred Network Type”
  4. Tap that
  5. Do you see options that include NR? NR is 5G.
  6. If so, try selecting one of those. I would suggest NR/LTE, so 4G LTE fallback is maintained.
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I don’t think I had 5G before migration.

When I go there and set Preferred Network type to NR/LTE I go back and then go back in and it shows “LTE Only” selected. It’s like it’s not saving that.

If I select “NR only”. 5G appears.

Aha. After I selected NR Only. 5G appeared. Then I went back into the settings and it shows


Well it works now (goes to 5G when I go to data). What’s weird is where I go back to that setting (previous screenshot) it says "5G (recommended) under preferred network now. However, when I tap it it, still shows the LTE (recommended) and 3G in the preferred network type (even after restart). Oh well I’ll leave enough alone and just see how long it lasts.

Interesting that Boost person just lied and said “no coverage for 5G”. Not true at all. Wonder if they just didn’t look.

Thanks a TON! I would have NEVER been able to do this with your help. I’m sure it would be a round and round, new SIM card, maybe new problems etc. Saved me a ton of headache.


Time for a glossary of sorts, I guess:

  • NR (New Radio) is 5G
  • LTE is 4G
  • CDMA is 1st/2nd generation CDMA
  • EVDO is 3G CDMA
  • GSM is 1st generation GSM
  • WCDMA (weirdly) is 3G GSM

4G and 5G are compatible across all three national networks (AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon). 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation GSM/CDMA technologies were mutually incompatible but are no longer used by any of the three national networks. Historically, AT&T and T-Mobile used GSM while Verizon and the now defunct Sprint used CDMA.

I can’t explain the anomalies you report in the routine settings screen but I’ve always been a fan of if it’s working don’t fix it. In this case, if it’s now working don’t further fix it. :smile:

You are quite welcome!

I’m inclined to cut the Boost agent some slack. They have a difficult job and the metrics used to judge them are more about customer deflection as opposed to customer support. Their real job though Boost would never admit it is to get the customer off of chat or the phone as quickly as possible and the agent’s job security depends on it. Therefore, and this is a disservice to the customer, agents have a tendency to do or say whatever is necessary to end the support experience as quickly as possible. This is less the individual agent’s fault than a failure of corporate culture.

And, I have to say, it’s DISH’s corporate culture that helped me to decide I no longer wished to do business with any of their brands (discounts notwithstanding).

As an aside, if you want to rename your “Republic” SIM, you may do so by tapping the pencil icon to the upper right in the screenshot you posted.

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