Anyone else up to their eyeballs in Google privacy reminders?

Part of it’s my fault because I maintain multiple Google accounts, but I am getting slammed with reminders from Google about privacy settings.

Yes, Google, I know I have granted you permission to see my location history and yes, I know you can see my web and app activity. You know which lights I have on in my house and who my favorite singers are on Pandora. I’ve let you see who my contacts are and where they live, that I’ve been shopping online for a cute little desk lamp, and that I’m going to need a rental car in March. Thanks to my Fitbit watch, you know my heart rate, how much I walk and how little I sleep. You know how often I add chocolate chips to the grocery list and many times I’ve watched each episode of Shaun the Sheep. I grant you all this knowledge, because I really like using Google Assistant, Maps, Contacts, my Android phone, the Chrome browser and my Fitbit watch (when it works), but I really don’t need daily reminders that you know more about me than my mother does. If you don’t mind, I’d rather not think about it. Please be quiet, oh, and ask Our Groceries to add chocolate chips to the grocery list, again.

Seems like I’ve been getting one per day for the last couple weeks (and I only have one Google account). Yesterday’s was about Web & App History. Today’s is about Location History. Pretty sure the one before those was about Location Sharing.

Yup, me too. And, since I’m the admin for two Google Workspace accounts, Google “helpfully” sent advance warnings they would be warning my users (including me).