Anyone Heard of LinkUp Mobile?

I haven’t before today nor have I done any business with them. They are another AT&T network option. The pricing isn’t the lowest but isn’t bad for AT&T network coverage.

Something unique to their offering is unlimited talk & text in both Canada and Mexico is included in their plan pricing. Data looks like it is U.S. only.

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It appears to be a product of SurgePays, Inc. (NASDAQ: SURG).

About us
The Company SurgePays brings financial and telecom products to the underbanked and underserved populations of the United States where they live and where they shop.

Goal in Process
Building the largest direct distribution network of underbanked products and services in the country.

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Hmm, I vaguely remember their SurgePhone subsidiary (which is presently focused on ACP) as being another in a long line of free phone service gimmickry.

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