Apple users: UPDATE NOW! (Severe vulnerability)

Hi Folks,

I don’t want to spread needless fear, but this smells legit. If you’re using an Apple product, please update your OS now.

Macs, iPhones, even WatchOS.


Nothing wrong with your sense of :nose:, it is indeed a legit exploit. Ordinary folks are not typically a target for the mentioned spyware Pegasus.

Pegasus is developed by an Israeli company and marketed to governments for the purpose of spying on various elements of civil society. It’s expensive and I’ve not seen reports of private individuals using it to spy on other private individuals.

Nevertheless, it’s always best practice to keep device operating system software up-to-date. Apple’s device operating system software has a not entirely undeserved reputation for being relatively secure but nothing is invulnerable.


One of the benefits of some custom ROMs on the Android side. My primary phone runs Lineage OS, it is a rare week that I don’t get an update.

More on the Zero-Click Exploit in iPhones: Zero-Click Exploit in iPhones - Schneier on Security


Updates from Apple for new zero-day exploits: