Avoid Talking to Spammers by Using Google's Call Screening Feature

I’ve sometimes used Google’s Call Screening feature on my Android phones so that I wouldn’t have to talk with spammers. Basically, Google answers the call, and then the person (or robot) on the other line is asked a question by Google that is transcribed for you to see. You can click a button for the person to tell you more, you can accept the call or reject the call. I’ve found this to be very helpful in screening out spam calls. You can see a short demo of it here.

If people are in your contact list, then then they don’t have to go through call screening. There’s some other nice benefits of Google’s Call Screening, too. This works on Pixels and select Android phones. It worked on my 2020 Moto G Stylus as well.

My Pixel 6 Pro allows for automatic call screening, so I’ve changed my settings around 3ish weeks ago to allow for tightened call screening on my phone.


Oddly, I haven’t gotten any spam calls in a long time. I mean months and months. Weird. Two year ago I was getting them almost daily. Voice mails in Chinese (probably telling me my car warranty was going to expire). Nothing. Zip.

@rosedoodle, did you answer those spam calls that you used to get, or did you let them go to voicemail?

@aFloridian I let them go to voicemail. My old Motorola was set up to dump them there. I think I set this one up that way too. It’s oddly quiet. But then, I rarely get calls anyway. 8>)