Boost failed to refresh data

I discovered today that I cannot make phone calls. I have a pixel 6a. I can text (which I thought I needed data to do) There’s no triangle showing no service. Long story short I believe that they did not give me my 30g of data as usual. I paid on the 28th so it can’t be that. I still get confused with their billing system. The 7th was my old billing date but it acts like that’s the start over point. I will contact them tomorrow. Ugg don’t know how that will go (lol) Has anyone else had this happen? I hope to be leaving soon. Just need to figure out to what.

Hi @ohplus ,

This isn’t anything I’ve yet experience with Boost, and I’m sorry you’re going through it!

It would not surprise me if they kept your original RW renewal date with the carrier partner (AT&T or T-Mobile) when they transitioned your account to Boost, especially if you’re one of the customers whose transition did not require a new SIM card. So your observation that your data renews on the 7th even though you’re billed on the 28th would make sense. I’ve never even noticed that on my account.

Are you able to surf the Internet if you’re off WiFi?

Are you able to make calls on WiFi?

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Yes I’m able to surf because it’s basically a tablet now. No, I am not able to make wifi calls without the data. Usually I can. So hopefully I will be able to get them to fix it.
I first noticed it today when I was in Walmart and I couldn’t use the app like I do to check prices. I was not getting a triangle nor the usual 5g symbol. I couldn’t even connect to their wifi. I guess you have to have data to do that in this circumstance. So I am convinced that they did not renew my data. Never had that happen before.

If you can surf the Internet when you’re not on WiFi, then you have data.

Connecting to a WiFi network does not require data. For example, you can take a smartphone that is not on any mobile phone company’s plan, and connect it to Wi-Fi and use it on Wi-Fi like a tablet.

For the symptoms you described at Walmart, I suspect the store was just having some trouble with their guest WiFi network, and it’s not unusual to be unable to use cell service inside a big store like that.

I’m not saying all this to suggest that you don’t have a problem. I just want to be sure that when you do get in touch with Boost, you’re able to get the help you need. If you tell them they didn’t renew your data, then the things they’ll focus on will be very different from what may be needed. So, instead, be sure to let them know you’re unable to make calls. Let them know exactly what happens when you try to place a call, (for example, if you see any error message on the screen or hear a recording) and what happens when someone tries to call you (do they get your voicemail, an error message, or does the inbound call go through?)

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Nope not able to surf without my data away from my wifi. And yes I know those things. Been on the internet and such for at least 25 years. I contacting support this morning and they think my sim has gone bad. Their initial suggestion was to wait till tomorrow when data renews. lol I said well that’s ridiculous since I only use about 1 gig each month so there should be ample left over. So, I wait patiently for the new sim. At first he said they would send a rainbow sim and I said oh no I don’t think that will work on my pixel6a. So, he said they would probably send an at&t one since that is what I have but what do you want to bet they will send Tmobile? lol So I shall see (It’s a good thing I have a google voice # so I can call on my computer!) Oh, and fortunately I go a person who knew to ask the things you outlined.

I click reply to someone and their name appears but when I am done it doesn’t go to the person I am trying to reply to. Why?

I did not mean to suggest any lack of knowledge or experience. Perhaps I misunderstood your previous reply.

I’m guessing that waiting for data to refresh didn’t help?

Mr Southpaw’s SIM card failed twice on a Samsung A32 before I moved him to Google Fi. I was concerned it was something about the phone that was destroying SIM cards, but your experience suggests the problem isn’t phone-specific.

As for your reply, I’m not sure why it’s not clearly represented as a reply to my post. I’ve noticed the same on other forums on the same platform. I’ll try to look into it.

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Unlike the old Republic. which was prepaid, Boost Infinite is postpaid (sort of). One’s billing date with Boost Infinite is 15 days after the start of the billing cycle. Separate dates for the start of the billing cycle (and data replenishment) and actual billing is normal with Boost Infinite. It is, of course, not normal for service not to work.

“Rainbow” SIMs and the associated Boost Wireless Network (the current name for DISH’s standalone 5G network) are indeed not compatible with Google’s Pixel 6a. In fact, they are compatible, according to Boost Infinite, with very few phones:

It’s distressing that DISH/Boost still seems unable to bring its tier 1 agents up to speed with its own documentation.

Everything I think I understand about DISH/Boost’s Wavelo back-end software suggests a change of network partner (AT&T to T-Mobile or vice versa) requires a new account. Supposedly, only retention is able to allow a change of network partners once assigned. Hopefully, you’ll get an AT&T network SIM because I don’t believe a T- Mobile network SIM would work with you current account (something of which a tier 1 support agent may or may not be aware).

This is a weird experience to me (not doubting it). I’ve been using mobile phones with SIMs for longer than the old Republic existed. I’ve literally never had a SIM fail. I don’t believe my experience is atypical. SIMs can and do fail but it’s rare. Perhaps, DISH/Boost procured a bad batch of SIMs or, perhaps, 5G SIMs are more sensitive to failure. :man_shrugging: Anyway, it’s odd RW by DISH SIMs would fail due to service moving to Boost Infinite.

Finally, in fairness to DISH/Boost, I’ve seen reports of mysterious loss of service with multiple providers involving Google’s Pixel 6a. For a time, I was experiencing it with both Mobi (Verizon network) and Helium (T-Mobile network) running as dual SIMs on my Pixel 6a. For me, I think it was a failure to properly fall back to 4G coverage when not in an area covered by 5G. I’m not currently experiencing the issue.