Boost Infinite add-on's

I’m confused about the Roaming and HotSpot add-on’s. (the HotSpot add-on is a deal-breaker for me).

According to an article from Android Authority…

Boost Infinite

The $25 per month Boost Infinite plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data, mobile hotspot, 5G, international talk and text, and roaming in Mexico and Canada. Speeds will vary depending on network congestion, but it’s a handy unlimited plan at an affordable price.

Maybe RW customers will have the ‘hotspot’…(for 6-months, at least?.)

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Hi @c1tobor ,

Currently there is no free hotspot with Boost Infinite for new customers. Those who signed up early got 5 GB/mo. Those who want all 30 GB of hotspot must pay an additional $10/mo.

The Early Access Plan also includes some North American roaming.

Yeah, that will be a ‘deal-breaker’ for me.

Having ‘Spectrum’ internet…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used the ‘hotspot’ during power-outages or internet-interruptions.

It is a must-have, for me.

I signed up early (back in December) for BI, but if I had to switch now, I think (like you) I would have gone with a different provider. Thirty-five dollars is more than I want to pay per month. I can already think of a couple of MVNOs that I could try.

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I’m guessing My Choice was a good fit for you since you never moved to RW 5.0. If that’s still the case; Mobi, Tello, US Mobile and MobileX all offer plans structured similar to My Choice where hotspot is included in the price of the plan (no need for add-ons).

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To be sure, that is my plan at this point. On the other hand, never had 30 GB’s before, should be fun to play with for 6-months…not that I’m ‘vindictive’, or anything.