Boost Infinite App Reports Data Use Incorrectly

Hope it works out Southpaw!!
I just got an update to the boost Infinite Android app at around 3:00 p.m. central.
I was hoping it fixed the data usage display issue in the app…
It said I used 411gb of data from 9/16-10/15! That is funny because Android says I only used 27.08gb of non-carrier data.
The 600mb Android said I used of Boost Infinite data sounds more like it, since I rarely leave my home’s wifi anymore. Hopefully the next update will fix it.

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@muerte33 Thanks for the alert that an update was available.
I just updated the app and still, it can’t tell me how much data I have used. The only difference I see at this point is they have made the error message bigger, and they say “Error getting usage summary” in addition to the previous ‘Something went wrong, please try again later’

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I just now updated the app and I continue to get the error message reported by @jBen .

The app required me to update it in order to open it. My billing period recently reset. The app said I used .08 GB of carrier data, so far, and my android phone data usage meter said I used 86 MB.

Same here. The usage summary has never worked for us from day 1. Update did nothing that we can see as a user. Well not really . . . banner is larger so my old eyes can see very easily that the usage is still broken :rofl:


Today I got another Boost Infinite App update on my Android 14 Pixel 6a to
It now shows 0.5gb data usage and Android reports 545mb, so they may be making progress! I have a T-Mobile Sim, so you AT&T folks may get different results.

I got an update today, and finally figured out that the information on the add-ons was at the very bottom of the app screen in the account details section under trying to upsell me on another add-on and listing my phone IMEI. Bad app design, but i now have confirmation that the add-ons were actually added-on.

I installed the update when it first came out, it errors out when attempting to get the usage. Today I un-installed and re-installed and still it errors out … so they haven’t got it right yet … am I surprised? NOT

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For me, the app has to “think” a lot before coming up with the usage. The only time I got error messages was during the beta period. I have a Samsung S20.

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My app persistently reports -GB of unlimited, while popping up an error that something went wrong.

No typo, just the dash and GB.


I get the same response from the app as @mwgardiner . Oh well.

Same here still. Also on AT&T.

Android shows 652mb used with 7 days left.
The Boost Infinite Android app shows 0.6gb of unlimited under “My Usage” with 7 days left.
They are making progress on the T-Mobile side.