Boost Infinite (AT&T network) down?

Anyone find out this morning that Boost Infinite is down? Phone says temporarily unavailable. WIFI is on, but can’t dial out, voice mail is inaccessible, etc. I’m on a Moto G Power 2022.

There are a couple of comments on the Reddit BI page saying they are having issues as well…

Saw some comments on Reddit that there might be an AT&T service outage since about 5:30 ET this morning… and perhaps Verizon and T-Mobile are affected as well. is currently at over 36,000 reporting an outage this morning for ATT.

Ed: interestingly, my wife’s phone service is fine so far. Same Moto G Power 2022 as mine, same ATT network.

My AT&T service is still down.

Reddit seems flakey this morning as well.

WiFi calling is working on AT&T. Cellular calling is still broken for me.

Results obtained on Moto Edge+ 2023

AT&T just started working again for me.

I had no idea there was an outage. Texting on wifi works but if I leave the house I have no service whatsoever.

Since my BoostInfinite line is my secondary line, I never noticed a thing. By the time I heard about the outage, my phone appeared to be good with both lines.

I saw so many news reports that said to use WiFi calling, but there are AT&T customers who cant do that, because of their boneheaded policy about supported phones.

The following message needs to be hammered into all US carriers, preferably with a Sledge-A-Matic™. “If the FCC says it’s legal, you FULLY support it, period.”

If there is a way to get this problem into the news, it should be done.

An interesting thing though: My work phone on Verizon, was useless for phone calls yesterday. The phone would ring, I would pick up, and the call dropped. This worked outbound also. I would call, the other phone would ring, and on pickup, boom, connection gone. This morning, all is well.

According to AT&T, yesterday’s outage resulted from a “software update”:

and it probably worked fine in the ATT lab and dev environment before it got pushed to prod, right?

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AT&T Ain’t Talkin’ or Textin’


Apparently, the Boost Wireless network (DISH’s greenfield 5G network) was down this morning. It doesn’t seem “dynamic network switching” kicked in either.

I guess, fortunately, for those of you still with Boost Infinite, you haven’t yet been blessed with a “rainbow” SIM.

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I didn’t notice the Boost Wireless Network being down in my area, but since it’s always flaky at best I’m not sure I would (I’m on Project Genesis). Last week I had a speed test that showed 0.64 Mbps down and 0.22 Mbps up. More often than not the Ookla app warns me “Your internet connection may be unstable.”

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I received an e-mail today from Boost, the subject was “Todays Service Interruption”.

The body of the message was pitching the visual voice mail app.


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Does Boost Infinite charge extra for the VVM app? Boost Mobile always has but this would be new for Boost Infinite.

The service interruption was on DISH’s standalone 5G network. Only those with “rainbow” SIMs were impacted. As far as I know, no migrated former Republic members were provided with a “rainbow” SIM (unless, perhaps, they’ve since upgraded their phone).

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I installed B.I. VVM on my spouse’s Pixel 4a/5g, then Pixel 8, and we have not seen a charge for it on B.I. (T-Mobile). Hopefully they keep our monthly bill at $40.38 for two phones, I consider it a great deal so far!
On my Pixel 6a I just rely on the text message they send saying I have voicemail.
I then dial into VM manually (no big deal, I do not get many).

I wish I had never set it up on her 4a/5g, but when we migrated to the 8 I had to reinstall it because the text message does not come to that phone once you install the VVM app from Boost Infinite. Their VVM app for Android requires COMPLETE access to your phone too! I don’t understand why it needs all those permissions.


Hi @muerte33 and much thanks for the reply!

I’ve since discovered that, apparently, Boost’s visual voicemail app is indeed free for Boost Infinite subscribers. Transcription, however, requires a separate $3/month subscription to “Boost Premium Visual Voicemail”. This is per official Boost Infinite support over on Reddit.

$40 per month for two “unlimited” lines is certainly market competitive. If, however, one does not need “unlimited” there are better deals to be had. At the end of the day, to each there own. Mobile phone service needn’t be one size fits all.


You are 100% correct about one size fits “some” plans! It is great that we have so much selection now-a-days (almost daunting)!

I don’t think I would benefit from VM transcription, so I will pass on that $3/month charge.

I could probably make it on < 2gb/month easily (especially if data could be shared between our two phones).
We got by on < 500mb/month for years (till they turned off Wifi MMS).

The B.I. hotspot they added should allow me to get rid of a $15/month charge GMC assesses me for my truck! I’ll just have to show my spouse how to enable it when she gets on the road.

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