Boost Infinite NOT secure

In case anybody is sitting on the fence about Boost Infinite.

My # was just ported out from Boost Infinite, and not by me. Had I known about the incompetence of Boost earlier, I would have left them. Apparently they have been compromised earlier in the year and it was a big deal.

The # I’ve had since RW issued it to me (2014) is lost and can’t be recovered, as per Boost. The bigger threat is the 2FA that goes with having your # stolen, BE CAREFUL…


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Good Morning @jkgto,

I’m very sorry to hear of the circumstances and, yes, DISH Wireless (parent of Boost Infinite and other brands) has proven to be remarkably incompetent (which is why I got out).

The above said, it may be possible to get your number back. I suggest contacting DISH’s executive escalations team at with a polite demand they do something called a snapback to retrieve your number.

I further suggest you follow that up with an FCC complaint:



I will try that




Whether or not the e-mail sent to Dish/FCC was a coincidence or not, my # and account has been restored, and is up and running.

Thanks again for that info


This is great news and the bottom line is you have your number back. While unauthorized ports can and do occasionally happen at all service providers, it’s critical one’s provider act to correct matters. The initial response you related receiving was incompetent.

If I were using a throwaway number not particularly important to me, I might have stayed with Boost Infinite for six months.

It is precisely because I did care about my former Republic number that I got out. I would encourage others whose number is important to them to consider doing the same. As far as I’m concerned, DISH Wireless as a corporate entity has amply demonstrated its carelessness as well as its incompetence.


Thanks for following up with this good news! I hope your important accounts are secure.

Before I left RW, I participated in recovering some numbers that had been victim of unauthorized port-out. I do want to stress that the team at DISH involved in recovery was made up of individuals who were extremely capable, extremely concerned, and who would respond day or night, no matter the hour, to make sure every step in the process had immediate action.


If only those fine folks occupied the C-suite…

I left for similar reasons. After the problems I had moving from RW 1.0 to 5.0 and coming close to losing my number I decided it was better to get out and not risk a second migration.

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This is the other Boost (Mobile rather than Infinite) but also owned by DISH Wireless: REALLY need Help - Boost is saying they don’t have my number, when I’ve been using their service for 3+ Months.

While things can go wrong with any service provider, it seems certain things go wrong at DISH Wireless brands more than one would expect.

Worse, their response (unless one knows how to get to a higher authority) is, well, incompetent. It shouldn’t be necessary for customers to engage executive escalations and/or file regulatory complaints to get competent answers.