Boost Infinite to Be Rebranded as Boost Mobile

Apparently, Boost Infinite is to be rebranded Boost Mobile unifying the prepaid and postpaid brands:

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 1.59.59 PM

The above image is from DISH’s annual “Team Summit”.

not a bad idea, can signin to the account on the prepaid site . not on the postpaid one. and there are physical store too.

Unifying the brands makes some sense to me. Using the Boost brand does not. To the extent Boost is a known brand, it is known as a flanker brand offering discounted prepaid service. It is not a brand I would go to market with when my supposed competition as the “fourth national carrier” are the big 3 but they didn’t ask me. :smile:

As for the brick and mortar presence, none of the stores are company owned. All are franchised dealers. Some Boost dealers are good, others are barely a notch above scammers (not the consistent across brand experience I would want my customers to have). It would be like marketing T-Mobile at Metro by T-Mobile stores (or AT&T at Cricket stores). Metro stores like Boost stores are franchised. There are good reasons T-Mobile keeps its stores (company owned) separate.

They would be better off branding the whole thing “SN&Y#3$.” At least there are no negative connotations associated with that brand. Or they could have taken a page out of the old Microsoft playbook and just called it “Charlie.”