Call encrypted by Google Fi

I encountered a strange ringback tone when calling my wife today. When I went to hang up I noticed a message on the call screen: “Call encrypted by Google Fi.” This is the first time I noticed this, and when researching I found in a help article:

“When you use an Android phone on Google Fi to and are on a call with another Android phone on Google Fi, the call stays private between the two of you with end-to-end encryption. The audio is encoded, and can only be decoded with a shared secret key. Each device has a private key and a public key, which aren’t saved.”

Both my wife and I are Google Fi users. Just thought it was interesting.

Hi, CB,

Can you tell me how to remove Google Assistant - it picks up instead of my “voicemail”. I’ve tried everything I know how with no success.

Thanks, Donna

Perhaps you enabled automatic call screening:

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CB, thanks.
As usual, I’m confused. My phone is a Pixel 3a. I don’t think I have a phone “app” downloaded. I only have what came with it.
So I don’t see anything about “automatic call screening”.

I found it…watched a youtube on how to turn off Google Assistant. I like Asst for asking info questions, but not for answering the phone.