Can't get phone to turn on

I’ve been with RW about 6? years. Phone worked fine until yesterday afternoon. Since then, it won’t even turn on. It is fully charged. I’m 79 and my phone is my lifeline plus I have a lot of information, etc., on it. I’m having to use my desktop for all of this. Bob Gordon (some of y’all probably know him) told me about this site. He also said that sometimes holding the power button for several minutes will get a phone to turn on … no luck. Today I’ve been turning on my desktop every few hours to check email. If someone replies to this, it may be awhile before I check this. I may not be doing this correctly. TIA.

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There are a couple of possibilities here. The phone refusing to turn on can be for a couple of reasons.

First off, try plugging in the phone and watching the display for a minute or two. I have never seen a working cell phone that did not either flash up a charging screen for a moment when plugged in while off, or turn on while charging. If neither of these happens, this can be considered a severe problem.

Something could have happened in the power system that prevents the phone from turning on. The battery may have packed up. If it is the battery, these are usually replaceable, though you have to be OK with taking your phone apart. This is not for everyone. If you plug it in and get no reaction of any kind are are not comfortable with electronic surgery, you may want to look into phone repair shops near you.


Hi @Netagene

In addition to the excellent advice from @mwgardiner , please be sure you are using a working charger that is plugged into a working outlet.


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Update: Netagene was was able to turn her phone on after removing the case (with help from her local Best Buy)which she had on the phone for over a year. It was restricting her from pushing the power button.
I forgot to ask her about having a case on the phone and she had tried holding the power button in for about 10 minutes