Charter poised to pass Dish as nation's largest MVNO

Certainly another not so good look for DISH Wireless. Losing in excess of 2 million subs since entering the business is never a good look.

Still, I’ve got to wonder how many of those Charter subs are profitable. I’m sure it’s helping Charter hold onto wireline Internet business but have doubts about its standalone profitability.

Oh, it’s not terribly convincing, but DISH’s excuse for its continuing net losses in terms of losing subs is they’re focused on “profitable” subs and, therefore, willing to let unprofitable subs walk.

But wait…there’s more:

This is shocking. Wow. Charter as the largest MVNO?!?!

That is kind of shocking, I had no idea they were that big.

The phone plans are middle of the road so I would expect them to be profitable after Charter makes back their startup costs.

If the bundles I’m seeing from Spectrum are any indication I agree that this is a move by Charter to keep customers. In my area the constant pushing of internet/TV/landline phone bundles has been replaced by internet/mobile/streaming bundles. Essentially they are trying to replace their dying TV and landline phone business with streaming and mobile services in an attempt to keep their wired internet customer base.

The new bundles aren’t an incentive to me or I suspect a lot of customers in my area as we don’t have any real alternative to Spectrum’s wired internet. As a result I look at their offerings in an al la carte way that gives me the lowest over all cost whether the service comes from Spectrum or another company. For us Spectrum’s bundles do not have the lowest overall cost.