Cleaning phone app and -- why does this work when lists didn't ?!?

Over the years I have tried to structure my tidying/cleaning chores. I have made lists, which get lost or go unread. Calendars, charts, bingo cards, you name it – nothing worked. I would lose the paper or get busy and forget. I found myself looking through the window and saying – how long has it been since I cleaned these – I don’t know!!

So I looked for an app and found Tody (no idea how it’s pronounced – is it a variation on “to do” or “tidy”? No idea.

I put in my chores for various areas of the house, and the frequency they need to be done. So every October I change 9V batteries in my smoke/CO detectors and set the frequency to one year. Or light-cleaning chores, I schedule for “x” number of days. You can schedule by the day, or frequency (day, week, month, year).

It’s kind of fun because you also compete against “Dusty”, a dirt-monster. I get a notification that Dusty is winning, and I go do any chores that are needing to be done!!

It got me thinking why this seems to be working for me when all of my good intentions, lists, calendars, charts… did not.
I am not a phoneaholic – to me, a phone is a tool.

And this app works for me-- I think because paper lists/calendars, etc are in one place so out of sight/out of mind, but this tool is with me and reminds me. Plus, I can’t let Dusty win!!!


Ah yes … “Sometimes I forget, that I can’t remember everything”

ETA: Here is a link to the app that is being shared with users … Thanks @NancyM

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I’m more along the lines of –

When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it happened or not. – By Mark Twain



Hi @NancyM,

Two months and a hectic holiday season later, just curious whether this has continued to work for you?

Yes! I really like it for keeping track of my chores/tasks as opposed to a list or calendar. At a glance I can see what is coming due soon (or overdue!), and tasks that are 3 months away (washing windows!).
I can input tasks I do often but also those that get done every few months (change the HVAC air filter!) , etc.

I’m just using the free version, but I think the paid version would be worth it (multiple devices/people, extra features). A family or set of housemates could keep track of what needs doing/ when / by whom.

I did turn off the little dust monster competition. It was cute/fun, but now I just want to keep track of things.