Done with Boost. Time to Transfer. How to get them to release numbers?

Ok I’m done. I don’t want Unlimited Data. Even if I did I just can’t stand how you have to look at EVERYTHING on the phone. Going to Tello. When do I tell Boost to release my numbers? Do I have to do that over the phone? There is no guidance (of course). I don’t want to have a long down time for my phone lines. Any stories of how to do this right?

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You can find Tello’s instructions here:

When you’re ready you’ll need to contact Boost Infinite by phone (or maybe chat) and get the account number and porting PIN. If you’re lucky you might even get the correct information on the first try. Once you submit your porting request to Tello they’ll take from there. Boost Infinite should cancel your account after the number is transferred, but keep an eye on them.


Good choice, good luck. Read both Tello & Boost instructions carefully first.
Be sure you phone is unlocked. I’m stuck in BI ticket world…

How far in advance can I do this with Boost? I just want to make sure there is time so when Tello goes to grab the numbers etc it’s not locked with Boost.

Hi @dimeRepublic,

Generally, phone numbers aren’t locked to one’s current provider. To the best of my knowledge, Boost Infinite doesn’t lock phone numbers. What Boost Infinite does do, like other providers, is require proof of number ownership when transferring a number between providers.

What you need to do is obtain the necessary proof of phone number ownership (account number and porting PIN) from Boost Infinite and give that information to Tello (either using their website portal or by conversing with Tello support). You can get the information from Boost at any time, however, as far as I know, the porting PIN provided is good for a week. Therefore, I would suggest getting the information to Tello as soon as Boost provides it to you.

With Tello, like the old Republic Wireless, you start with a temporary number. In other words, you’ll go ahead and set up your account with Tello, acquire a Tello physical SIM (unless you’re using eSIM), then activate your Tello service. Tello will assign a temporary phone number.

Once you’re up and running with Tello, provide them with the account number and porting PIN from Boost Infinite. Tello will take it from there, transferring your number from Boost Infinite replacing the number assigned by Tello when you activated the Tello SIM.

Presuming everything works as designed, there will be no downtime on your phone number. Your Boost Infinite service will continue working until the number transfers to Tello.

All of the above refers to your phone number. If there is a concern, your phone itself is locked. Please answer the following questions:

  1. What is the brand, model and (if applicable) generation of your phone?
  2. From whom was the phone purchased (Republic Wireless, Boost Infinite or a third party retailer)?
  3. When was the phone purchased (before or after December 1, 2021)?