Don't like the forum colors? Change them!

If you’re not really a fan of the default theme colors, you have options! Here are the steps to change the theme and color scheme:

  1. Visit your interface preferences page

  2. Select your preferred theme from the Theme drop-down box. Currently there are two choices, but we can add others if needed.

  3. Select your preferred color scheme - there are dark options available!

  4. Some themes have a “dark mode” option. Some do not. You can try adjusting the Dark Mode drop-down to see if there is any difference.

  5. Select your preferred text size.

  6. You can pick your preferred home page - do you want to see all the latest active topics, topics that are new since your last visit, only topics you haven’t yet read, the top (trending) topics, or a category list when you log in?

There’s more to the interface preferences page, as well. Take a look, try things out, and customize your experience according to your taste.