FCC Approves T-Mobile's Acquisition of Mint Mobile (and Ultra Mobile)

The FCC has granted approval for T-Mobile’s Acquisition of Ka’ena Corporation (parent company of both Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile).

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I’m not sure this is good news! Since Boost booted me with their insane policies, I’ve been happy with Mint. I paid $180 for one year of 5gb data which I never use entirely since I was “trained” by Republic on wifi. And Mint mgmt doesn’t bother me with promotions, etc.

As is typically the case with acquisitions, T-Mobile is promising nothing but :rainbow:s and :unicorn:s for its newly acquired Mint and Ultra Mobile customers. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, it’s probably best you stick it out for the remainder of the year for which you paid. Mint doesn’t do prorated refunds. If after the year is up you don’t like what you see with “Mint by T-Mobile”, there will be other options in the market.

One minor caveat there: If things change enough that you want to jump to another carrier, do so at the beginning of your last Mint service month.

If something goes wrong with porting, this gives you time to get it straightened out to minimize the risk of losing your number.

This is advisable for any change of carrier/MVNO. Plan to burn the last month on the old carrier. Most of the time that is exactly what will happen, you lose the money for the last month. But if porting issues arise, that extra time may be worth far more than you stand to lose.

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2nd that. Everything needs a phone for 2fa or mfa, can’t really afford to have downtime.

So far, so good. Mint is still operating efficiently and unobtrusively!

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