Google Fi Is Now Google Fi Wireless

Since Fi is also JAM (Just Another MVNO) in terms of technology, I no longer understand the point for Google.

Data collection, building brand loyalty, and selling Google products.

I suppose. It just seems the scale of Fi would be inconsequential in the larger Google ecosystem.

Yeah, I don’t know. I imagine they’re giving it one more marketing try with the name change and such. I don’t imagine it will live on forever, but then again Google Voice is still alive. Maybe they’ll end up buying the Dish Wireless assets :slight_smile: .

I’ve been a Google Fi customer for about a year now. Interestingly, no announcement was made to me about the name change. The first instance of “Google Fi Wireless” in my inbox was on April 19th. It was just a general promotional email talking about their current phone deals and phone plans. They’re currently touting a free Pixel 6a (by way of 24 monthly bill credits after you buy it). I also recently noticed, with no explanation ahead of time, the logo for the Google Fi phone app change, while the name has remained “Google Fi” for the app.

I’ve been very satisfied with my switch to Google Fi and the Pixel 6 (which was my first Pixel). I took my mom, dad, and daughter with me on the switch and I’ve heard no complaints. It took a while for my mother to adjust to the “unlimited” data lifestyle, but she has now. We went from using under 4 GB each month as a family with Republic Wireless to using 43.8 GB in our most recent month.

It would also seem that with the name change a new logo has come too. (Old on the left, new on the right)

Will Google Fi Wireless survive? I hope so. I’ve been very happy with the service and pricing. It has kept me at the $20 price point and also gave me a ton of incentives when switching over.

Long live Google Fi… Wireless!

@Scottathew said:
I’ve been very satisfied with my switch to Google Fi…

Same. The service in Costa Rica was excellent on a family vacation. In fact, the 5G there in most circumstances was much faster than what I see at home.