Google Opinion Rewards

I’ve just signed up for Google Opinion Rewards and I’m wondering what any seasoned users think. Is it worth the time? How’s the frequency of the surveys? How long have you been using it and what have you done with the earnings?

Tell us all about it, in a meaningful way, and let’s feature your invite code on our referrals topic!


I’ve been using it for years (but I didn’t scroll down the entire history to quantify those years). Over those years I’ve earned $378 in rewards. I primarily use the rewards $ toward movie rentals/purchases. Frequency of surveys is varied. Some days I get multiple per day, and other times I don’t see anything for a week or more. Sometimes the questions are those which I don’t feel like answering, so I just ignore that survey.

I’m sure others can provide a more meaningful write-up, and I’m not really interested in referral credit.


I’ve been using Google Rewards for years.

The survey frequency is variable. It does seem to pick up when I get a new phone and add the apps to it. I still get 4-5 surveys each week. I believe Google does send me surveys based on what I search for.

I’ve used the rewards to buy books, videos and movies.

I’m happy to have some other member post their referral code.


So I get about one survey per day giving 10 cents. If it asks more than a single question its at least 30 cents per survey, biggest payout was a dollar but I can’t remember what the survey was.

90% of those surveys are asking me if I visited a place. I’m under NDA for work but its almost always asking me if I visited something related to work despite never leaving my home that day. I always say no, it’s always 10-20 cents.

The change builds up and I always get books or paid apps with it. I’ve probably made over 100$ now in the surveys since I signed up in college.

They asked recently if they could monitor my gps activity, I said no. So now it bothers me every time the app it opened. Still no.


I’ve been using it for a bit over 10 years and have earned $241.27 in Google Play credit for 946 surveys. The credit expires 1 year after being earned, so you can’t accumulate it indefinitely. I use it occasionally for a paid app, game, book, or movie rental.

I must have allowed access to location data for that app, as it asks questions about places I’ve been recently. It’s actually hit or miss with getting the right place, so I think they use it to improve accuracy with what store is being visited based on GPS. I’ll also have it ask questions about whether I made a purchase, how I paid, and if I have a receipt, if I’d scan it. I also get them about purchasing intent based on Google searches that I’ve done. And there have been several recently asking to compare search results, with an increasing focus on comparing a page with AI results vs. without.

The surveys are generally very quick. I actually get sort of excited for them because it provides a bit of playing around money to use for entertainment that I somehow have more aversion to spend if it’s coming from my bank account.


I’ve earned $46.66 in 223 surveys since Dec 2022. I use the money for the one mobile game that I spend money on… I regret not signing up before; I’d heard about it but was trying to reduce the surveys I did.
Other people have already explained what most of the surveys are like. They don’t waste your time, they are very quick.


You must all lead far more interesting lives than I do, I’ve gotten only one survey offer since I signed up over a week ago. By the time I’m able to earn enough to pay for the one game I’m currently spending far too much time on, I’ll be over it!

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It starts really slow, over time you will get more frequent surveys.

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