Help transitioning to Boost Infinite

Hello RW Users! I apologize if someone has posted about this topic already and found an answer; I’m new to this site and getting caught up with the Boost Infinite transition.

I took the steps outlined in the email that many of us received earlier this month about the transition to Boost Infinite (screenshot attached). I’m not sure how to actually set up my Boost account through their app. I would assume that since I went through RW’s transition steps that I’m already logged in the Boost database as a customer in some way so I shouldn’t go through the step of picking a new plan from scratch (nor do I want to because I was promised I can keep my discounted rate through Republic for the first six months). When I try to log in with my email or phone number that Boost would have on file through Republic, I get a message saying that my account doesn’t exist. So does anyone know how to actually set up the Boost Infinite account?

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When your account transitions you will receive an e-mail with further instructions (at least according to the Faq). I dont believe many, if any, people on the 5.0 Republic Wireless plans have been fully transitioned to Boost Infinite yet. After the transition occurs you should be able to set things up in the Boost Infinite app, but most of us are still waiting for Boost Infinite to complete the transition.


Thank you! I’ll hang tight then.


Hi @koalalady and welcome!

I’m going to address this one point mostly for others who may be lurking.

If one has done what was asked of them in Republic’s email regarding transition to Boost Infinite, for now, that’s all there is to do.

Without getting into the weeds, migration involves moving from Republic’s old back end system to a new back end system DISH is using for its various brands inclusive of Boost Infinite. The Boost Infinite app won’t find your account until you have been migrated to the new back end system.


Thank you, @rolandh! I’ll stay tuned for that to transpire, then.

I’m glad to see you here - you saved my bacon when I was dealing with a gnarly tech issue during the transition to RW 5.0 back in April 2023. Your insight and professionalism are appreciated.

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