How to (re)install Google Play?

I need to install Google Play on my old Moto E4 Plus after Dish’s RW deleted it along with a bunch of other apps.

Background: I bought the Moto from RW some years ago. I had switched away from RW at the start of this year and use a new phone with the new carrier. I still used my Moto as a tiny tablet for web browsing and ebooks. I intended to remove the RW SIM card but a combination of preoccupations and laziness forestalled that. Some months ago I had to go for surgery. I turned off most of my devices, including the Moto, to prevent battery loss while I was gone. When I returned I turned my Moto on. It took longer than usual to boot. I found a lot of apps missing, including apps that need root to uninstall such as the Republic app, the Google keyboard app, and Google Play. Interestingly Google Play Services is still installed.

I have never rooted the Moto so I am pretty sure Dish did this. I had previously read of other people experiencing this but I cannot find those discussions and how they solved this issue.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you for reading.

The Republic Wireless App has never required the phone to be ‘rooted’ and AFIK the same goes for the Google keyboard app, or Google Play itself.
You might want to just Factory Reset your Moto device and then load a fresh Google Services followed by Google Play

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Hi @toponym,

I can’t think of any reason or _way _for Dish to accomplish what you’ve described. The RW app was built into the OS, so removing it remotely as you’re describing would require an OS update, which has to come from Moto, who is no longer issuing OS updates for older phones.

If a factory reset doesn’t restore the Google Play app to the phone, you might be able to sideload the app by finding someone else with an E4+ who could send you the apk file. I don’t have an E4+, or I’d offer to do that, myself.

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Allow the instalation of apps from outside sources in settings. Download an apk file from a reputable source on your phone and it will install. The youtube link is how to allow installation of apps from outside sources.

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