How to secure phone, google account on phone

I’ve been reviewing my account security for banks, credit cards, etc. and my computer.
I’ve updated passwords and security questions, and have 2FA where it is available.
I also got Yubiko security keys for my financial accounts.

My question is how to better secure my phone and my google account on my phone.
I have a lockscreen code (and fingerprint), but that’s it. If the phone reboots, it requires the code and won’t take the fingerprint.
Once in my phone, the Google account is available (Gmail, Google voice, etc).
From what I’ve read, the only way to “sign out” of the Google account on a phone is to delete the account, then re-install it when needed. That sounds kind of ridiculous. Even on my computer/tablet, I can log out/log back in to Google, but not on my phone.

I feel like the weak link in the 2FA chain is the phone and OTP. If my phone is somehow hacked/opened/sim-swapped, that’s it.

Is there a better way to secure my phone and the Google account on it?


I checked how long it would take to break my Google password. 19 septillion years!
(I changed some characters when I typed it in – because I’m not typing in my real password on any other site…but it was a close parallel to my actual password)

How Secure Is My Password? | Password Strength Checker |

but – if someone gets into my phone, they can access the Google account anyway b/c the phone security isn’t as good as my 19-septillion-year password, as far as I can tell.

Google announced new Android security features related to device theft at I/O coming soon with Android 15