Latest Android 12 software update failed

Got a first time for me problem. The 12/21/22 update keeps trying and failing. I have no idea how to deal with this. Any suggestions?


Samsung Galaxy A32 5G (the $50 one from RW)

From Software update failed on Galaxy phone or tablet

If the update fails to install, in most cases the device will recover from the error, and try again, though some additional action may be required:

  • If there is an error concerning insufficient storage, you will need to free up storage space. The device will display the amount of space needed.
  • If the update fails to completely download, you will be able to resume the download from the notification.
  • If the update continuously fails to download, you may be able to update the device with Smart Switch.
    If the device fails to boot normally after an update fails, service will be required to reflash the device.



I have the same phone, although mine is presently being used without a sim for watching you tube tv occasionally and for some secure apps on Wi-Fi only.

When I saw this, I turned the phone on and went to settings. The notification that a update was available popped right up. I chose to update now and the phone turned off and loaded the update. My phone is unlocked and on Wi-Fi only. Are your settings under software the same as mine with auto download over Wi-Fi switched on. Hope some of this helps, but did want to let you know it works on that same phone . Mine does have 31.9 gb of storage available and 1.6 gb of memory.

You can also try the phone diagnostics by opening settings Scroll down to Battery and device care and tap-on that. Then Diagnostics is at the bottom. Tap on it to test phone functions

My partner’s identical phone updated without a hitch.

I will try again to update from my Mac using Smart Switch. Wasn’t successful this morning before work. Thanks For your replies!

Mission accomplished, but only by using Smart Switch from my 12 year old Mac. Couldn’t ever get it to work from new laptop.

Mostly, I really wanted it to stop nagging me to update :#

Thanks again!