Let's all consider giving them what they asked for

I received an invite to take a survey via email, perhaps another opportunity to be heard?
If you received the same email, please give it a look.
Subject: Boost Infinite | How are we doing?
Please use the link they provided as I previously linked the mailto address, and it would not work to take you to their survey

I would think it would be apparent how they’re doing based on their dwindling customer base.

Based on the price of the company stock over the past year, the quality of their performance would seem apparent to the market. :joy:

I’d say that and their continued and sustained loss of subscribers should tell them how their performance is perceived.

Kudos to @jben, however, for continuing to be willing to try! The world, generally, could use less cynicism and more optimism.

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@rolandh, I wasn’t trying to help DISH … (I am firm on my exit strategy, just biding my time and burning as many credits as I can before they cost me anything)
I feel it’s important to give feedback on our feelings to help reinforce their failures! I called out things like the lack of a Community Forum and the knowledge level of their support personnel among other things.

I’m neither accusing you of doing so or criticizing you. If they were smart enough to listen to you, you would be helping them (even if not your intent and they stubbornly refuse to see that).

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How are they doing? Well, the first time they sent me the survey request the body of the message was missing. They got it right on the second try.