Mac Users: Do you use widgets on your desktop?

I’m a longtime Windows user, but my employer delivered a MacBook Air to my doorstep (for keeps :grin:) and I’m settling in.

Most recently I’ve been dabbling with the idea of widgets on my computer’s desktop. My second monitor sits a bit too far to my right, and is large enough that I rarely open my browser or other apps full-screen. I have enough real-estate sitting there unused that small widgets fit nicely along the far-right edge.

I’ve currently got a stock tracker and the weather on the screen, always available at a glance. I’m sure there’s other goodness out there I’m missing, so I thought I’d ask what any of you seasoned Mac users have on your desktops.

Are you using desktop widgets? If so, which ones? Can I add widgets that aren’t natively offered to me in the Widget menu, perhaps by installing new apps?


I don’t find it as comfortable to sit at a workstation as I once did. Consequently, my desktop monitor doesn’t get much use these days limiting my screen real estate. So, my Mac’s widgets are constrained to the Notification Center, where they’re a single click away.

Yes, you can add new widgets. Have you tried searching the Mac App Store?

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 3.15.31 PM

On another note, is the MacBook Air brand new? If not brand new, have you installed the latest and greatest macOS Sonoma?

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I don’t believe I have. Maybe I’ll browse this weekend.

It was brand new when it was sent to me - in April. (I guess I need to quit referring to my job as my “new” job!)

Yes? (14.0). My new job requires me to install software updates within 3 working days of availability. I think that was what led me to notice desktop widgets.


Indeed, Sonoma = 14.0. I’ve installed Sonoma on an older MacBook but haven’t yet done so on my main computer. Over the years, I’ve found .0 releases of macOS are sometimes glitchy, so usually wait for the .1 release before installing on the daily driver. That said, I haven’t noticed any show stopping glitches with Sonoma 14.0.

And, if you want, you can run Windows on that newish :smile: MacBook:

No, thanks!

Yeah, some of our staff have waivers to the 3-day policy because they strongly feel the same way.

So what are your must-have widgets in the Notification center?