Anyone still use this app to keep phone alive on wifi? Is Android Sleep still a thing?

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Hi @bhawley,

I’m not using MacroDroid and never experienced the issue others did with Android’s Doze mode when Republic was still using its proprietary WiFi-first technology. I don’t think carrier WiFi calling would be impacted by Doze.

Mostly, I just wanted to thank you for starting a topic about something other than the latest not so “seamless” DISH transition! :smile:


I think MacroDroid is a fantastic app. I used MacroDroid on my Android phone with RW, and I still use it. My Moto G Power is no longer a phone, but I use MacroDroid for lots of things.

Basically, my old Moto G is like an iPod Touch (RIP)–all the apps except phone. And with Google Voice, it is also my main texting device.


Hi @johnc,

Please consider sharing what you’re using MacroDroid for? I suspect it would be more than just using your old phone as an iPod touch replacement.

If you or @bhawley would consider writing a review of MacroDroid for Reviews, that would be most appreciated!

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I use it as a recurrent reminder app, to tell me to get up and walk. MacroDroid is much better at this than any reminder app I tried.

I also use it to keep track of notifications, and beep every so often until I dismiss it.

It also keeps track of the Moto G’s battery level, and warns me when the battery is getting low.

For fun, I have it announce when the sun has gone down and when it starts raining.

I’ll try my hand at a review!


As one of the users of the MacroDroid App to overcome Androids Doze that killed communications, I worked closely with @BillG and others during its time. It utilized the presence/absence of the RW Arc (remember the little green arc we used to love?) … Once DISH did away with Republics Hibred WiFi Calling, the RW Arc disappeared, MacroDroid was no longer able to detect the state change that indicated our phones went into Doze.
I had updated the article in the old forum … which was unceremoniously deleted by DISH without notice or comment :head_bang:


@Rolandh: Your welcome :grinning: :grinning: I think I will retire MacroDroid.

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