Management of WiFi and Mobile Data

I’ve been with RW since 2012 - and have seen many changes & made many adjustments.So I’ve felt sad to be “boo(s)ted” so unceremoniously. My Pixel 3 phone works seamlessly on wifi and used to sync to mobile data w/o a glitch. But on Boost, it often can’t locate the mobile data signal.

So what’s my solution?

Should I leave mobile data ON all the time? Or turn it off when not needed to save my battery? Should I turn off wifi when on mobile data? Thanks for any techie help!


I would probably start by calling support and asking why your mobile data signal went downhill. Have you successfully transitioned from Republic to Boost Infinite, meaning that you can login to the Boost Infinite app with your phone number?


Hi @dgui and welcome!

Real World Users is not affiliated with DISH/Republic/Boost Infinite. or any other service provider. Most of us were Republic Wireless customers at one time or another.

We may be able to suggest changes to settings on your phone, however, we cannot solve an underlying service issue if that’s the problem.

I leave mobile data on unless entirely out of range of cell signal. Unless cell signal in your area is so weak to the point of being non-existent, I would not be concerned about leaving it on draining your battery. Nor, would I fiddle with turning WiFi on and off.

Beyond that, we would need to know which network your current SIM is using. To find out:

  • Dial *#06# as if making a phone call
  • What are the first seven digits of the ICCID?
    • 8901410
    • 8901240 or
    • 8901260

Thank you kindly. The MEID DEC reads 08990 53321.

So happy to receive replies from both of you. The old RW community was what kept me with RW for all those years.

Now I’m having to deal with a Boost app that keeps asking that I activate my second number. There is none.


You’re welcome, however, it is the SIMs ICCID we need to know rather than the phone’s MEID. Let’s try another way:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap About phone
  3. Tap SIM status
  4. Please share the first seven digits of the ICCID
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Thanks, Ro Here is the number 8901410.

I’m afraid to make any settings recommendations until this “second number” error gets sorted out. You’re going to need official support to work that out for you, and unfortunately they seem to be swamped right now. Maybe @rolandh has further recommendations, but for right now I would keep both mobile data and Wi-Fi turned on. You might go to a location with a stronger cellular signal and hang out there for a couple hours. Perhaps your phone needs to latch on to some of the other cellular frequency bands it hasn’t yet seen.


Interesting response, cb. Thanks. So I’ll take my phone “out for a ride in different environs” so it can try connecting to other signals. And I’ll just leave both wifi & mobile data ON.

I appreciate your experienced support. All the best, Donna


Hi @dgui,

Just wanted to check in; how are things going? Has there been an improvement by keeping both WiFi and mobile data turned on?

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Thanks, Ro. Unfortunately, I’ve been ill so mostly at home. Therefore Í haven’t given my phone a trial beyond the home environment. Will report later if have new info.

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